m a r k   h u m p h r e y                         o u t s i d e

M o s t of the sculptures that Mark creates can be sited within a garden setting or inside the home. A number of original stone and limited edition sculptures are normally available.

He also produces sculptures for clients through private commissions.

He offers practical advice on all aspects of sculpture siting and plinth fabrication.


S y m p a t h e t i c siting of your sculpture will enhance your enjoyment, particularly if being shown in a garden

Viewing angles from favourite parts of your garden and views from your home are just a few considerations.

Plants, shrubs and trees can
complement or partially hide your sculpture. Colour and light will emphasise the subtle curves and lines.

Black Fish of Gozo

Hugging Couple VIII Bronze resin

Hugging Couple VIII Gadebridge Park

White Fish of Gozo in Situ

       n e x t    p a g e         h o m e          a b o u t           e x h i b i t i o n s           c o n t a c t           l i n k s