m a r k   h u m p h r e y                         i n s i d e

C a r e s s i n g stone, smoothly carved or weathered by time, can instill a sense of calmness combined with strength.

E a c h stone is carved and crafted by Mark to create smooth and sensual lines. The eyes and mind are often taken on a journey that awakens something deep inside, almost primeval, yet tranquil and pleasing.

  E a c h sculpture is produced using direct carving techniques. The smooth finish is achieved by filing and sanding the stone by hand.

S o m e sculptures are highly
polished using oils and waxes to enhance their natural colour and
produce a glass like finish.


T h e sculptures shown here are just a few examples of some of the original stone sculptures that Mark has carved.

W o r k i n g in a broad range of limestones and other more exotic stone, his sculptures can be described as figurative to abstract.

        n e x t   p a g e         h o m e          a b o u t           e x h i b i t i o n s         c o n t a c t           l i n k s