m a r k o   h u m p h r e y - l a h t i   ARBS, AMNS                          a b o u t

B o r n in Old Harlow, Essex, Mark originally studied business law and pursued a successful career in marketing and public relations with some of Europe's leading businesses. Whilst Head of P.R. and Marketing Communications at Orange plc, he was personally responsible for developing many artistic initiatives including The Orange Prize for Fiction.

M a r k is primarily a self-taught stone sculptor who gained his initial experience of stone carving on the Mediterranean island of Gozo. On his return to the UK, he left his hectic role at Orange and undertook a sculpting course at the University of Hertfordshire where he studied life modeling and casting techniques. Carving by day and studying at night, he began his new journey as a sculptor and designer.

S c u l p t I n g in a broad range of Limestones, Marble, Alabaster and Soapstone, Mark uses traditional tools and techniques to produce his sculptures. The smooth finish so often associated with his sculptures is achieved by filing and sanding the stone by hand. Some of his sculptures are highly polished using oils and waxes to enhance their natural colour and produce a glass like finish. He also casts limited edition sculptures from the originals in Bronze, Aluminium, and metal and stone resin composites.

M a r k regularly exhibits his sculptures in galleries and group exhibitions both in the UK and Internationally. He has exhibited with the Royal Society of British Artists and the National Society on many occasions. In 2003 he was elected an Associate Member of the National Society, joining previous members including LS Lowry, Graham Sutherland and Henry Moore. He was elected an Honorary Member of the Fine Art Association, Gibraltar, in 2006 and an Associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2009. He is also a Member of the Hertfordshire Visual Arts Forum and Hertford Arts Society.

W o r k i n g from his studio near Royston, Hertfordshire, Mark's sculptures can be found in private and public collections in the U.K., Europe and the U.S.A.

  "Mark uses the solidity of stone to map out and explore the realm of emotional experiences and responses. The result is sculpture which moves comfortably between figurative and abstract, bridging the gap between the physical and emotional, in an aesthetically enticing style".

James Freeman
Sesame Art

Mark carving 'Final Hug' in Beer limestone.

"My inspiration to carve is fuelled by an internal drive to experiment with both shape and form."

Mark with Bronze Sycamore Seed positive for Foundry Bronze. Private Commission.

"I am deeply influenced by natural landscapes, organic forms and facets of human emotions and relationships."

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